Who is Mogi? Video testimonial about Mogi’s Hair Cut Mastery and Instructional Class

Various students and stylists talk about and praise Mogi’s classes and Hair Curtting Technique Related articles [Lyric] Block B – “Tell Them” (

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Mogi Hair Stylist Accolades and Championships

Mogi Hair Stylist Accolades and Championships

Mogi Profile 2001 moved to Hiroshi salon Beverly Hills 2000 moved to Salon Milage  Beverly hills 1999 Provides 1~8 weeks hair color seminars to hairstylists from Japan frequently 1998 Toured Osaka, Wakayama and Kobe, Japan as featured stylist in the Kobe Earthquake Relief fundraiser; begins intensive personal training in new hair color techniques 1997 creates hair installations in collaboration with avaunt-Gard performing […]

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Mogi Price List

Hair Stylist Mogi Pricing If you’d like to get a simple trim, one can just use any pair of scissors  to cut the  hair by themselves; But, if you would like a particular style, then you would need skilled hair stylist to create a look for you. For a long time, hair stylists used only one […]

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Mogi Hair Stylist and Cutting Class Information

Mogi Hair cutting. Coloring Class The number of days Course & Time Class cost: 1week course Tue-Sat9amto5pm———————————–$2,500 2weeks course Tues-Sat 9am to5pm——————————–$3,500 3weekscourse Tues-Sat 9am to 5pm———————————$4,500 4weekscourse Tues-Sat 9am to 5pm.——————————–$5,000 Course Description Hair cutting. Coloring or both Price includes the following Wig, coloring products, and live color and cut model Maximum capacity of […]

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Good haircutter, Bad haircutter, No practice

Good haircutter, Bad haircutter, No practice
Many hairstylist misses understand good haircutter and Bad haircutter
Good haircut has no personality, Just good haircut technic but business you need more than technic; we deal parson to parson directory
Clientele does not know proper haircut technic or not.
Hairstylist should be an aware good haircut or not.
The haircut is hard to practice; not many hairstylists practice the haircut because we cut off the hair! And head shapes has lots of bumps


One length haircut How to accomplish

Haircut Tutorial one length haircut how to accomplish
I mention hairstylist hard to practice or hard to repetition to do the same haircut because we cutting off the hair
I found how to practice, repetition haircut.
If you like to study harder, you can do anything


Body motion for haircut

Haircut Tutorial: Body Motion for the haircut.
When we do the haircut, we use the straight line to make a hairstyle. But when we stand still to move the finger, hand, arm you will make a part of the circle movement, not straight action,
Any times you make a straight line, we use the ruler to make the line, haircut we don’t use ruler, that why haircut is hard to make,
if you use your body movement to make a straight line, you can control to make a straight line



Ripple cut Rental Video

Haircut Tutorial: How to cut men’s haircut,Haircut Tutorial
if you like cut hair to move, you have to cut special way to do it
this is one of the way to do it
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Gentleman’s haircut part #2

Men’s haircut, tutorial ,
Because men’s haircut is generally short cut,when you make a short haircut, you really need to be accurate with the haircut,you have to understand body position, foot position, hand angle,and position
haircut length is short,if you cut length only hard to hair to move to make a final looks, my concept haircut call (In side out cut)or stroke cut to make a short hair between the root to middle of the hair shaft.
if you like to do stroke cut,you have to hold correct,and secure and open close very fast, to do that you need cut at least 8 pound of newspaper .
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Haircut for men Gentleman’s Haircut part #1

Haircut for men
How to cut short men’s haircut tutorial
Gentleman’s Haircut

In the 1960s, unless you were part of the Beatles or a hippie, the gentleman’s haircut was known to be short.
Even when I cut hair short, I use my fingers and scissors as the same method as cutting ladies hair. I also use the scissors and comb to taper the short cut and only use clipper to cut off the baby hair on the back of the neck.
No matter how fast you cut, you can never catch up to the speed of a clipper but you can become very fast. In order to become quick, you must train your thumb and I recommend cutting at least 8 pounds of newspaper.
Since the gentlemen’s cut consists of cutting hair short, to cut exactly as requested, using scissors and your thumb, and to cut straight with your comb, it is required that you are able to cut accurately and precisely.
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Haircut : How to haircut Inside Out Haircut #3 Final Cut

Haircut :CAUTION:if you never did this haircut DO NOT TRY WITHOUT PRACTICING ON DOLL HEAD FIRST!!!!! this is special haircut, special hair,wavy, and lots of hair parson’s haircut

Mogi demonstrates step by step how to do an inside out haircut!!
Part 3 Final Cut


Haircut for One length, bob cut final detail cut tutorial #12

Haircut one length ,or bob hair cut
Haircut Tutorial
Haircut- Best Haircut tutorial in the world. worksheet #12
one length haircut for final check, detail haircut
When you do one length haircut, after finished out line, you dry the hair and start doing detail haircut to check the outline and inside line
Make shore your clientele to stand up, and move the head, front, both sides, and back word
You see the all the underline an even hairline,
Sometimes you see so many differences under lines that mean you did cut one length line graduation cut, or you left the section of the hair when you try to cut straight line.
Master Hair Stylist Mogi teaches the Mogi method for mastering your cutting technique. This is part 2 of the series. This lesson goes over how your body position and movements affect the angles of your cut. With hard work and practice of the proper position and hand positions, you will be able to cut hair consistently and quickly while reducing fatigue.


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