hair cutting class One length cut step by step

How many parsons know about true One length hair cut?

Top of head Center Part of top of the head Hair cut is straight line of out of the hair line and furrows through the neck line make shore out line of Hair line is pearls to floor Top of the outside of hair is salad line, no layer at all This is we call one length hair cut or one length bob cut

Advantage of One length hair cut

Look like you have lots of hair and hair is looks healthy and beauty full
If you have hair color, or Permanent wave most effective way to looks
One length cut is if you have a fin hair or Les hair? Les volume of the hair that will be a best cut
One length hair cut will make a sharp line of the face line, that why young parson like this cut style’
One length hair cut is make a style straight line, if you are not hair stylist . you can find mistake someone made hair cut not straight.
Parson who has lots of hair, Very stubborn hair or cores hair, wiry carry hair, will show more emphasize that style.If you are middle age I recommended not center part of your hair make a change the part or bang side way, or don’t make a salad straight line in the said of hair.
Hair style has just straight line. Lots of hair stylist can’t do good job.

When we start learn cutting the hair cut many hair stylist said[Hair cut is start one length hair cut finish one length hair cut]

beginning the hair cut one length is easy to see easy to understand, but when hair cut began to better ,and better, if you try to cut perfect one length hair cut they find out that not too easy at all. Actual very difficult to do perfect one length cut.

When hair stylist try to cut one length hair cut, they don’t use a ruler ,hair is so soft, head is like a oval shape head ,hair is grow one by one at a uniformed distance on the head.
That condition try to cut straight hairline is very difficult.
If you use ruler to try to make a straight line uniformed line about 5mm, or 1cm between the line you have a very difficult to do it.

When hair stylist try to make a straight line hair of 80,000 to180, 000 of the hair, use just only the shears to cut straight that easy to say, but hard to do it right.

I did same experience in my beginning hair stylist year
I just use the only comb to hold hair without tension
Does same method to hold hair without tension use the clipper
Vidal Sassoon system try to all hair on the skin to cut hair just finger lift graduation cut
All above hair cutting system has some of good, some of not so good system

My ideas!
When we stop to body movement, if you try to move body arm it has make a circle movement If you move the foot, you move the pivot point now you make a different circle movement

This sought has been in my minds

Many hair stylist don’t think this way, but this is my way to think how to cut one length hair cut way.

Foot position
Foot position. Move the foot position. Tree place
Back of the Head Standing.
Your foot is standing Behind chair at 2 O’clock. Your standing 0 degree of behind the chair Just like a photo. Left foot one foot forward to12O’clock right foot look in to 2 O’clock position That why I called 2 O’clock foot position.

Left said head

you will be standing your foot is 10 O’clock position. You’re standing left side chair 90degree side way
you’re standing 90 degree of left side of the chair just like a photo

Right side head

haircut position You’re standing foot position. Foot is 10 O’clock position. You’re standing body position. right side 45 degree back of the chair

Standing position if you look at different site the standing right side just like a photo.

Fast mistake

All most many hair stylists standing open the both foot and pearl to both foot as a photo.
If you just standing long time this is right way to standing.
But if you like to cutting the hair this is fast mistake to take one.

Second mistake

they take standing to position is too high to cutting hair line. They have to bend body like photo to look cutting place.

Third mistake
When you cutting the hair if you move then cut, then move again to cut,

this way you making so many different line of cutting hair, you will very difficult cutting straight line

Standing position
You’re standing Back of the head.

You’re standing behind Chere 0 degree

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