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More Hair Stylist Training

Body motion for haircut

Haircut Tutorial: Body Motion for the haircut.
When we do the haircut, we use the straight line to make a hairstyle. But when we stand still to move the finger, hand, arm you will make a part of the circle movement, not straight action,
Any times you make a straight line, we use the ruler to make the line, haircut we don’t use ruler, that why haircut is hard to make,
if you use your body movement to make a straight line, you can control to make a straight line



How to cut hair out line and higt light color #1 out line cut and high light color

Highlight color and haircut
when clientele like to cut hair shorter, but keep it length, first we do make a length,
outline length is very important and make clear outline .
when stylist try to make a out line, stylist keep moving to front of the cut line.
That good idea,but if you keep moving the your body position its very hard to make a straight line,
First make a guide outline line , bring the all hair to guide line t place, its automatically make a short to long round line,
if you see you tube, home haircut [how to cut hair at yourself ] doing same way to cut out line.
I just show you how to do it professional way ,but concept is same idea !

spring time in Los angeles

Spring time in Los Angeles

Lake balboa that we went see the cherry blossom

I sow the bard on the top of the tree, she has a nest top of the penthouse of the park!!

This is the her penthouse tree!!

bard they don’t wary people at all !! this is a bard’s park!! move over!!

Bard has niece nap!

nice cherry blossom!! and bards close up for Cherry blossom

nice lake ? view and people walking lake side

kids was play in playground

if you have chance go to see it very nice time!

but you don’t go this weekend may cherry blossom is over!!