Haircut : How to control hair volume for haircut . Inside Out Haircut #2

Haircut : this haircut is special tip of hair Textures to do haircut How to control hair volume. if you had clientele has lots of hair,and wavy hair, how to haircut, this is one way to haircut
and haircut tutorial .


Hair color Highlight, retouch, Inside Out Hair color new way to hair color!

Explain hair color
Hair color technically is not difficult. Just apply the color or foil. Foil needs lots of practice, but if you do it right you can do it right all the time
Hair color has only three primary colors. You can create infinite colors. If you know how to make the level of color and tone, you are doing very good. Many artist are doing this, but they use the white canvas to create the artwork.
When creating hair color, hair stylists have a canvas that is always changing. This is called undertone or pigment color. They also have to consider race and different hair color.
Hair color formula has to be newly formulated all the time.
Virgin hair color is not hard to formulate the first time. But when you have regrowth in the hair you have to consider the existing fading color, or change the hair color tone to light or dark. Now you have a challenge.
This formula is for this time only. On her return the formula must be reworked.
Someday I would like to share with you my unique way to study hair color!

#5 Final Cut: Adjust front of hairline Inside Out Haircut Tutorial for Professional Hairstyl

When you cut long length hair to medium , each section of the hair is long and the hair is hard to control
When you try to create an up-do, you always tease the hair to make more volume, or artfully move the hair in the shape that you desire.
That why I use the Inside Out Technique.
Inside Out Haircut is the final touch of the haircut, which I called the last frontier of the haircut.
If you’d like to use straight scissors, you have to practice, movement of the scissors, hold scissors the right way, and hold the scissors firm

You need to cut at least 8 pounds (4 kilograms) newspaper before starting the stroke cut,
or you have to have special thinning scissors. Joewell Company has created one of the best.
Joewell Supreme Snt 40
This time I used Joewell Gxn-24
These scissors cut hair one by one.
There is so much hair in one square inch, if the hair is all the same length: fine hair will lie flat against the head, no volume.
Other hand, Coarse hair, strong hair, wavy hair , and thick with lots of hair too much volume and hair will not move.
Now the question is:
When and where? How much? How do I do it? and whom do I learn it from?
Yes, I can show you the concept, but I can’t teach you where, how much, or why. For that, you need experience and you need to gage what the client likes, dislikes, and then with your combined knowledge, decide on how to create the haircut.
Thats why I call it the
Inside Out Haircut as the finale.
(Final touch of the haircut. Final frontier haircut)

haircut #4 Blending concave line at the back of the head

Cut the concave accurately, to the top layer
Make a clear line and separate the bottom hair
Blend top of hair to the bottom section
Cut the concave accurately, to the top layer
You make a clear line to separate bottoms hair
Now you have to blending hair to bottoms section of the hair
You need good skills to work with scissors,
Stroke cut.
Before learning the stroke cut you must cut 8 pounds of newspaper. You will learn to hold the scissors properly, build thumb muscle, open scissors wide and your wrist will move very softly, for that you have to practice!
Then you will do the stroke cut very easily, just open the scissors and cut!
You practice the same way for the Tapping cut!

If you don’t like to practice, then you have to have right scissors!
I use Joewell Gxn-24 they are special thinning scissors.
When you section the hair it takes only 5% of the hair at one time. If you use the thinning scissors at a different angle it will take more or less hair depending on the size of the sections.
That’s why when use the detailed cut, like stroke cut, you can do it with these scissors.
Joewell SDR-60 is, if you like to do the slice, slide, or stroke cut, these will be the perfect scissors to use.
As you see, when you slide the scissors, you do not open the scissors to wide to push the hair section, you have to gently move the thumbs to control the sliding of the scissors along the surface of the hair.
As you see, we do handcraft work to make a haircut. Practice your hand, wrist, finger, thumb and body motions.
Now is the time: Do it Now!

How to cut hair back of the head concave #3 back of head versatile concave cut

How to make a back of the head versatile concave cut:
I should have said why you need to cut the back of the hair high concave cut and don’t cut the front hair line at all.
Long hair
She had very long hair to begin with, I just cut the hair still quite long hair, back of hair is still very heavy and long, hair is hardly move at all, just hang on,
if I cut back of the hair all layer, then hair will be too light and too messy looks, I need hair to move and still soft, that why I did back of hair made a concave cut line, hair is still has volume and when wind blows, the hair will move nicely

How to cut hair front face lint #2 front line to connect side and back out line

Haircut Front hair out line to connect side and back of out line
How to front out line to connect side and back of the out line, many hairstylist standing same side to try to made long front out line. and take guide line each time cut hair and try to find out guideline.
moved body position and foot position
you have to stay same place and same foot position to bring the hair to guideline .