Hair color Highlight, retouch, Inside Out Hair color new way to hair color!

Explain hair color
Hair color technically is not difficult. Just apply the color or foil. Foil needs lots of practice, but if you do it right you can do it right all the time
Hair color has only three primary colors. You can create infinite colors. If you know how to make the level of color and tone, you are doing very good. Many artist are doing this, but they use the white canvas to create the artwork.
When creating hair color, hair stylists have a canvas that is always changing. This is called undertone or pigment color. They also have to consider race and different hair color.
Hair color formula has to be newly formulated all the time.
Virgin hair color is not hard to formulate the first time. But when you have regrowth in the hair you have to consider the existing fading color, or change the hair color tone to light or dark. Now you have a challenge.
This formula is for this time only. On her return the formula must be reworked.
Someday I would like to share with you my unique way to study hair color!

How to cut hair short back of the head and finish #4 Angel’s mom from Australia

Final haircut demonstration for Angel’s moms haircut

This time I would like to show you how to style hair using the hair dryer, She has very fine hair and likes to have lots of body. I use a root lifter spray, and dry the root as I lift the hair. Comb through, adjust the volume, and look for area’s that need to be adjusted.
Run your fingers through the final hair style to show the hair movement. She sent me a photo showing the hair movement.

How to cut hair- Don’t change the length but looks good ! Melony’s Mom haircut

how to hair cut
If last haircut is good one,you don’t have to do too much to cut hair or haircut
she has good haircut,very precisely cut
I don’t need to do too much to her haircut ,specially she don’t like to cut hair short, so outline is limit to cut,
but when I check the her hair shape,
1) Her head shape is occipital her head is flat, need volume.
2) around ear area has too much hair
3) outline of face line is too thick
4) neck on the back area, her hair is flip, because length the hair, that good, but litle bit thick hair

Her hair is thin and soft,she need volume the hair, top is too long and need stroke cut to give short hair to inside of the hair bundle .

That I did her hair

Haircut part #3 Long hair & coloring how to demonstration by Mogi

The ” Inside Out” haircut is not for everyone. It works best on people who have lots of hair, very wavy hair, coarse hair and hard to move and control hair. I use this technique on only 2% of my clients. Many stylists are concerned that the hair will stick out with this method, but it won’t if you learn Mogi’ s technique and understand when, where and how to apply it. This is a great haircut and a new method to add to your skill set.

Nano Bubble Hair Product. New Technology from Japan

Nano is very familiar Word now.
Ipod Nano, Nano Hair Dryer…
Nanometre=one millionth of a millimetre
so Basically Nano is Very Very Tiny.

I got new Hair Product that has Latest Technology.
It is from Japan and Already in a Market in Japan but not in US yet!!

They have Technology call
“Micro Bubble Technology”
Basic Idea is Nano Size of Bubble when they pop the bubble out,
They create ion to Clean and Revitalize Hair, Skin even Earth Environment.

In Japan, They use this technology for Clean a water from Factory or
prevent polutions.

Now They use this Technology for Beauty Product and more.

Micro Bubble Technology Cleans Hair also
Stimulates Blood circulation and help metabolism.

they contain “Platinum Nanocoroid” which
Nano size of Platinum!! cleans excess Chemical and
Anti-Aging!! for your Hair and Skin!! Anti-Aging!!

NeoraMB Shampoo
Of cause this one has Micro Bubble Technology and Platinum also
This Shampoo contain “Germanium” which well known as to use for Detox.

Use it more and more, you hair gets own heeling power and Stronger.
Do not use any coating silicon so they do not block any treatment you use on
your Hair.

NeoraMB Treatment
This Treatment Has Micro Bubble Technology and Platinum as above two products.
Italian White Cray” which contain a lot of minerals in this Treatment.
Mixed twelve European herb revitalize hair and Scalp.

We are testing with all different type of Hair so
We can start sell on US market.
If you want to try it or more information, Please contact to me.
We only have limited number so.

Summer Hair Stragihtening

Summer Hair Stragihtening.Say goodbye to unmanageable frizzy hair.

18 07 2008

Hiroshi Beverly Hills Hair Design have been doing
Our Original Hair Straightening so many years.

We have been helping so many people
Who has Frizzy or unmanageable Hair.

Here is some real clientèle pictures.

Her Hair Problems

  • Takes so much time to blow dry
  • Any humidity bring curls back
  • Even after blow dry, Hair still frizzy

So she decided to do Hair Straightening… At Hiroshi!!
Our Straightening is “Natural Straight”.
We don’t make hair too straight like too much fake look.

Gentle Perm Solution gives least damage, Maximum result.

Use special Brush instead Flat Iron so Hair doesn’t get a extra damage.

Makes hair manageable so you can styling by your self with easy work.

so you can’t stop smiling!!!


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