Nano Bubble Hair Product. New Technology from Japan

Nano is very familiar Word now.
Ipod Nano, Nano Hair Dryer…
Nanometre=one millionth of a millimetre
so Basically Nano is Very Very Tiny.

I got new Hair Product that has Latest Technology.
It is from Japan and Already in a Market in Japan but not in US yet!!

They have Technology call
“Micro Bubble Technology”
Basic Idea is Nano Size of Bubble when they pop the bubble out,
They create ion to Clean and Revitalize Hair, Skin even Earth Environment.

In Japan, They use this technology for Clean a water from Factory or
prevent polutions.

Now They use this Technology for Beauty Product and more.

Micro Bubble Technology Cleans Hair also
Stimulates Blood circulation and help metabolism.

they contain “Platinum Nanocoroid” which
Nano size of Platinum!! cleans excess Chemical and
Anti-Aging!! for your Hair and Skin!! Anti-Aging!!

NeoraMB Shampoo
Of cause this one has Micro Bubble Technology and Platinum also
This Shampoo contain “Germanium” which well known as to use for Detox.

Use it more and more, you hair gets own heeling power and Stronger.
Do not use any coating silicon so they do not block any treatment you use on
your Hair.

NeoraMB Treatment
This Treatment Has Micro Bubble Technology and Platinum as above two products.
Italian White Cray” which contain a lot of minerals in this Treatment.
Mixed twelve European herb revitalize hair and Scalp.

We are testing with all different type of Hair so
We can start sell on US market.
If you want to try it or more information, Please contact to me.
We only have limited number so.

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