Volume Down with Hair Cut. Get a Good Head Shape.

Volume Down with Hair Cut. Get a Good Head Shape.

August 10, 2008

You can make your face look bigger and wider with hair style…
That mean, You can also make your face look smaller and good shape by Hair style!!

Here is some pictures which you can see big different volume of hair.
Obviously hair cut can create better Head and Face shape!!

You can keep the length which you have right now
and change the looks of Head and Face shape!!

Miki: This Time I used
Thinning Scissors!!
Front Before
Miki: Volume comes down to side of face. Makes face look wider.
Front After
Miki: Volume down!! Now good balance of volume so face looks smaller!!
Side Before
Miki: Volume making bad shape of back of the head…
Side After
Miki: Now Looks very nice shape of back of the head!!

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Summer Hair Stragihtening

Summer Hair Stragihtening.Say goodbye to unmanageable frizzy hair.

18 07 2008

Hiroshi Beverly Hills Hair Design have been doing
Our Original Hair Straightening so many years.

We have been helping so many people
Who has Frizzy or unmanageable Hair.

Here is some real clientèle pictures.

Her Hair Problems

  • Takes so much time to blow dry
  • Any humidity bring curls back
  • Even after blow dry, Hair still frizzy

So she decided to do Hair Straightening… At Hiroshi!!
Our Straightening is “Natural Straight”.
We don’t make hair too straight like too much fake look.

Gentle Perm Solution gives least damage, Maximum result.

Use special Brush instead Flat Iron so Hair doesn’t get a extra damage.

Makes hair manageable so you can styling by your self with easy work.

so you can’t stop smiling!!!


◊Please get a hair consultation before make an appointment.
Price, service hours or any question, we give answer at consultation.◊

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Professional Treatment for Home. Care the hair at Home.

Professional Treatment for Home. Care the hair at Home.

July 24, 2008

Our salon providing many different treatment for
Many different hair problem.

Mainly most people has 4 different hair problems to treat.

  • Dry Hair
  • Damage Hair
  • Color fade Hair
  • Unmanageable Hair

Now, We start to carry professional treatment for home!!

Here I explain why those are incredible product
and strongly recommend to use those treatment for your hair
until next time whenyou visit us!!

Dry, No moist.

Need a moisture treatment.

All Soft Heavy Cream
Super treatment provides rich, deep conditioning for intense softness
and frizz control on extremely dry, brittle hair.

Damage, Breakage.

Need a strength Treatment.
Extreme Rescue Force
Fortifying treatment provides deep conditioning and
repair to strengthen and restore distressed hair.
Leaves hair conditioned with increased control and manageability.

Color fade, Lost Shine.

Need a color protection treatment
Color Extend Rich Defender
Protective treatment provides deep conditioning
to leave hair treated, manageable and vibrant.

Unmanageable, Frizzy.

Need a smoothing Treatment
Smooth Down Butter Treat
Smoothing treatment is an ultra-rich rinse-out cream that
provides intense smoothing,
long-lasting conditioning, nourishment and control.

Now your can start to treat your hair so much better!!

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