Professional Treatment for Home. Care the hair at Home.

Professional Treatment for Home. Care the hair at Home.

July 24, 2008

Our salon providing many different treatment for
Many different hair problem.

Mainly most people has 4 different hair problems to treat.

  • Dry Hair
  • Damage Hair
  • Color fade Hair
  • Unmanageable Hair

Now, We start to carry professional treatment for home!!

Here I explain why those are incredible product
and strongly recommend to use those treatment for your hair
until next time whenyou visit us!!

Dry, No moist.

Need a moisture treatment.

All Soft Heavy Cream
Super treatment provides rich, deep conditioning for intense softness
and frizz control on extremely dry, brittle hair.

Damage, Breakage.

Need a strength Treatment.
Extreme Rescue Force
Fortifying treatment provides deep conditioning and
repair to strengthen and restore distressed hair.
Leaves hair conditioned with increased control and manageability.

Color fade, Lost Shine.

Need a color protection treatment
Color Extend Rich Defender
Protective treatment provides deep conditioning
to leave hair treated, manageable and vibrant.

Unmanageable, Frizzy.

Need a smoothing Treatment
Smooth Down Butter Treat
Smoothing treatment is an ultra-rich rinse-out cream that
provides intense smoothing,
long-lasting conditioning, nourishment and control.

Now your can start to treat your hair so much better!!

To get deeper treatment
Please call 310-273-6715
Please visit

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