Round Layer Haircut – Quick Preview Video Tutorial

This is the Preview for my detailed 44 minutes round layer cut instructional video.

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Men’s haircut #5 Top, Side layer cut Final Finished looks

Men’s haircut final finished looks
last men’s haircut # 5

I came in last round
characteristic of this haircut
Start with the left back of the head
Make a guideline length
1) occipital top,to make a guideline and you cut a little shorter to make a top of the head round off,
Once you have guidelines, without releasing the guidelines, you can bring the hair to the guidelines
The Fringe hair, leave the hair in order to length and the thickness.

side of the head
2) the top portion outline is guideline, from the top portion of the hair line to cut toward the side of the head,
it will continue to cut the same way after making the guideline

3) don’t cut the outline, make a graduation cut, connect side of the head, then top portion.

The right backside of the head,
The same way to cut right side
The haircut is end,but people a lot of wave hair like his ,it does not finished just cut hair
He had long hair,when he cut shorter hair like this time, all the hair is one length hair, even I did layer the hair
hair thickness is same as root to end, wave hair is when same distance of the lots of the hair, show out of the strong wave.

To adjust this, from the base I did inside-out on the length of the hair,it is necessary to make the hair of different length artificially.

Originally, I do in the stroke cut,.

But I had new Joewell Supreme 40 Thinning scissors
40 tooth thinning scissors usually use end of the hair to blend the line, small hair cut off,but quite lots of hair.

40 tooth Joewell Supreme, it is designed to be cut section of 40 hair or much less hair
so, I can quieted artificially in side hair of the head, difference hair is growing, just hair should
then I can reduce the wave hair and easy to control the hair style
This scissors is the best that can be used to root of the hair , Thick and wavy, hair adjustment, etc.
For more information­tml

Fished looks
1)The dried root of the hair use the Joewell Supreme 40 thinning scissors
2)by using a brush and dryer,straight the wavy hair
3)Use a Product and finger to alive control wavy style