Mogi To Be A Master Hair Stylist DVD Vol 1 Deluxe Version

To Be A Master Hair Stylist DVD Vol 1 by Master Hair Stylist Mogi of Beverly Hills
Deluxe Version

Video demo on dvd showing how to master various cutting techniques:

Vol 1. Contains the following sections

Long Hair Cut (technique demo)
Stroke Hair Cut (technique demo)
Hair Cut Practice (technique demo)
Body Motion (for efficient quick cutting)
Hands & Fingers Exercises (to build speed, accuracy and endurance)
Pfizz Comb (technique demo)
Mogi Doll Head Stand (demo showing advantages of the Mogi Hair Stand)

This deluxe version also includes:
One Length Haircut (technique demo)

The “Mogi Master Stylist Technique” is a unique style of cutting that optimizes cutting effeciency and enhances consistency.

You will be able to cut hair more quickly and accurately while making your customer happy.

There is a stong emphasis on body and hand positioning along with basic hairstyle instruction that can be used as a basis of most modern hairstyles.

After going through the Mogi hands on classes or dvd’s and practicing the techniques, you’ll have a new set of skills that will enhance your hair styling work flow.

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