Haircut part #1 Long hair & coloring how to demonstration

Hair cut prat#1 Long hair &coloring how to by mogi

Haircut & coloring demonstration for Susie. She wants a fresh new hair style without cutting the length of her hair.

The Mogi Hair Cutting Method is a special technique developed over decades by world champion master hair stylist Mogi. His method relies on consitent body placement and movements which will make your hair cutting more consistent, efficient, and fast! Learning Mogi’s methods will broaden your hair cutting techniques and open up a new world of creativity.

If you want to improve your speed, consistency, and technique, then you should come to my llive class! If you can’t make it to Beverly Hills, checkout one of my Master Hair Stylist DVDs at
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As always, please leave comments on what you liked or didn’t like about the demonstrations. We will take your feedback into consideration when making our next clip, rental, or dvd.

Yes I know my English is difficult to make out, but you will receive valuable instruction by watching the video’s, practicing, and applying the techniques.

Thank you! Mogi

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