How to cut hair- Don’t change the length but looks good ! Melony’s Mom haircut #2

how to hair cut
If last haircut is good one,you don’t have to do too much to cut hair or haircut
she has good haircut,very precisely cut
I don’t need to do too much to her haircut ,specially she don’t like to cut hair short, so outline is limit to cut,
but when I check the her hair shape,
1) Her head shape occipital area is flat, need volume.
2) around ear area has too much hair
3) outline of face line is too thick
4) neck on the back area, her hair is flip, because length the hair, that good, but little bit thick hair

Her hair is thin and soft,she need volume the hair, top is too long and need stroke cut to give short hair to inside of the hair

That I did her hair

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