How to cut hair – new English ! We talked together on how to study for the haircut

I created the video and talked with student Teresa about hair cutting practices
There are many methods of cutting hair
Because it is handwork, we exercise the
fingers & hands to move freely in order to cut the hair
Hold the scissors the proper way
Body movement is circular motion, haircut is a straight line.
It is necessary to train the movement of the body that changes
circular motion into linear motion.
In the haircut,
It is necessary to completely understand and memorize the order of the haircut
Haircut Practice
Visualize cut 100 times
Verbal Explanation 100 times
Body, Foot position 100 times
Cutting Motion only 100 times
Haircut on wig 10 times
You will be able to understand how to cut hair by doing it this way
When you cut the customer
Customer wants to improve the hairstyle at that moment.
Creative haircut is what the stylist wants to do, not the customer
If you can always cut the customers favorite haircut ,
you will always be the best hair cutter

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