How to cut hair – one length haircut tutorial #2 Professional Teresa one length cut

How to haircut

Everyone knows the one length haircut. But, when I see this cut, I rarely see a beautiful one. It took me a long time to learn how to make a perfect one length haircut

the back of the neckline
always ends up longer than the side of the head. When you recut the back of the
hair, it ends up shorter than what the client wants.

I found what was causing
the trouble, my standing position, finger position, and eye level. The position
of the eye is too high, the position of the body is incorrect and the position
of the finger is not right.

After practicing, I do the
preliminary cut in about 5 to 10 minutes, but checking the cut takes twice as

When I teach the other
hair stylists the cut looks straight, but it’s not clean.
Within the straight line,
small sections are cut straight, but the entire line is not cut straight.

If I’m not careful, I make
the same mistakes. So, even I continue to practice.

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