Haircut tutorial One length, Bob haircut #11

Haircut one length cut or bob haircut
Haircut- Best Haircut tutorial in the world. worksheet #11
One length or Bob haircut: everyone knows what one length haircut or bob haircut
But really good one length haircut is hard to see in the street
If you do truly one length haircut is very beautiful, that you need lots of practice to be done like Priscilla, but if you right to way to practice you can do it good as her!
Master Hair Stylist Mogi teaches the Mogi method for mastering your cutting technique. This is part 2 of the series. This lesson goes over how your body position and movements affect the angles of your cut. With hard work and practice of the proper position and hand positions, you will be able to cut hair consistently and quickly while reducing fatigue.

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Mogi To Be A Master Hair Stylist DVD Vol 2 Deluxe Version
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