Hair color and cut change

Hair color and cut change

She wont change hair color to more dimension and movement hair hair style
The start !!

Give lots of fails
root need gray cover and low right
7/0 .7/1. 7/2. 7/7 . 20v for the root and low right
9/0. 10/0. 10/3. 30v for the other color
11/0. 11/1. 11/2 40V d ouble to high lift color
breach 20v for Accent
lots of foil

in the room photo

out side photo

Hair cut and Hair color

Young lady come to see me today her name is Sara!!!

She has been coloring by herself, Red, Pink, Browned, Brawn, She has a good time to do it

But, you see hair is long, hair is all broken down to middle of the her hair shaft.

I cut hair and Japanese new hair treatment, Just apply, before cut, and after hair color.

Look at her hair come to live!!

She is look hot !! and cool !!

Before I start hair cut and color

I gave her hair treatment from japan hair color right way looks so healthy

Her end of the hair relay very bad condition

One time I did to Japanese hair treatment look very nice condition to her hair and cut off the bad hair

Now we can do it hair color

Now looks so good red orenge color for her hair

I did one treatment on her hair, hair is come to live ,but color was still Pail color .
After I did color looks so nice to her

After I did hair cut and color !! She looks so Happy!!!

Hair Model

Hair Models

I am always looking for Model
who I can practice on advance technics
Also if model has potential, I want to set up
Photo-Shooting Session for portfolio and website.

Detail (Please Read below Carefully)

Hair Cut and Color /Salon Weekday ( Friday and Saturday is No Model Day )
Photo Shoot / Sunday or Monday

Even practice and promotion, I have to pay expenses and product fee.
(This money won’t be any profit for me.)
Again It will be paid for salon expenses and product fee.

Hair Cut /$20
Hair Color /$30 up (*means depend how much color product needs for Hair)
High-Light, Low-Light /$50 up

Agree to use picture for web site or those promotion for me.
Some occasion, We might ask you to bring own wardrobe item for
Photo shooting.

Benefit and Goals
Me and Master Hair Stylists need to create advance Hair works
For public promotion and own footsteps.
Hair Stylist, Make-Up Artist, Photographer and more people
can involve to this project.

For Models, they can get a decent Hair works and
many Hair care knowledge from Beverly Hills Hair Stylist.

Please contact from >>

or please visit