Haircut for men Gentleman’s Haircut part #1

Haircut for men
How to cut short men’s haircut tutorial
Gentleman’s Haircut

In the 1960s, unless you were part of the Beatles or a hippie, the gentleman’s haircut was known to be short.
Even when I cut hair short, I use my fingers and scissors as the same method as cutting ladies hair. I also use the scissors and comb to taper the short cut and only use clipper to cut off the baby hair on the back of the neck.
No matter how fast you cut, you can never catch up to the speed of a clipper but you can become very fast. In order to become quick, you must train your thumb and I recommend cutting at least 8 pounds of newspaper.
Since the gentlemen’s cut consists of cutting hair short, to cut exactly as requested, using scissors and your thumb, and to cut straight with your comb, it is required that you are able to cut accurately and precisely.
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Mogi Hair Stylist Accolades and Championships

Mogi Profile
2001 moved to Hiroshi salon Beverly Hills

2000 moved to Salon Milage  Beverly hills

1999 Provides 1~8 weeks hair color seminars to hairstylists from Japan frequently

1998 Toured Osaka, Wakayama and Kobe, Japan as featured stylist in the Kobe Earthquake Relief fundraiser; begins intensive personal training in new hair color techniques

1997 creates hair installations in collaboration with avaunt-Gard performing artists for the club premiere of Dietrich’s at the El Rey Theater, L.A.

1995-97 begins conducting private, intensive haircutting seminars with stylists, and presents an ongoing series of demonstrations in and around L.A., including his local Pro Step One television show

1993 begins the annual Mogi Special Show, touring and demonstrating internationally for the next three years in JAPAN with Arimino company

1992 opens M2 HAIR DESIGN with Jeff Yoshikawa; receives media attention from industry and consumer publications

1988 opens Salon 450 in Beverly Hills; begins ongoing hair demonstrations on television Continue reading “Mogi Hair Stylist Accolades and Championships”

Hair color and cut change

Hair color and cut change

She wont change hair color to more dimension and movement hair hair style
The start !!

Give lots of fails
root need gray cover and low right
7/0 .7/1. 7/2. 7/7 . 20v for the root and low right
9/0. 10/0. 10/3. 30v for the other color
11/0. 11/1. 11/2 40V d ouble to high lift color
breach 20v for Accent
lots of foil

in the room photo

out side photo

Hair cut and Hair color

Young lady come to see me today her name is Sara!!!

She has been coloring by herself, Red, Pink, Browned, Brawn, She has a good time to do it

But, you see hair is long, hair is all broken down to middle of the her hair shaft.

I cut hair and Japanese new hair treatment, Just apply, before cut, and after hair color.

Look at her hair come to live!!

She is look hot !! and cool !!

Before I start hair cut and color

I gave her hair treatment from japan hair color right way looks so healthy

Her end of the hair relay very bad condition

One time I did to Japanese hair treatment look very nice condition to her hair and cut off the bad hair

Now we can do it hair color

Now looks so good red orenge color for her hair

I did one treatment on her hair, hair is come to live ,but color was still Pail color .
After I did color looks so nice to her

After I did hair cut and color !! She looks so Happy!!!

Mogi hair cutting DVD!!!

Mogi hair cutting DVD!!!

With many support and help from Taka, I have made my very first Hair cutting DVD.
I am very excited to tell you about more about it.

We also had a viewing of the DVD at the Long Beach Show to see how other stylists would response to the DVD.

I was so happy that we got a great response and
SOLD OUT on the DVD.

To popular a demand, more will be available soon!

This is the front of the DVD

This is a inside DVD with a haircut explanation textbook.

DVD is a unique exercise video.

It includes exercises on how to:

Cut long hair Ways

Correct body movements when cutting hair cut.

To do hand exercises

How to do a stroke cut!

You will also find information on how to use and where to get a great comb .

Mogi patented head stand to cut wigs!
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Hair cutting class One length cut step by step

Hair Stylist Hair cut Class One length cut #2

All most many hair stylists standing open the both foot and pearl to both foot as a photo.
If you just standing long time this is right way to standing.
But if you like to cutting the hair this is fast mistake to take one.
Second mistake
Hair stylist take standing to position is too high to cutting hair line.
They have to bend body like photo to look cutting place.
Therd mistake

When you cutting the hair if you move then cut, and then move again to cut,
This way you making so many different line of cutting hair, you will very difficult cutting straight line
You’re standing Back of the head.
You’re standing behind Cheer 0 degree
Left side of the head
You’re standing body position.
You’re standing left side chair 90 degree of the chair
Right side head

You’re standing position.

You’re standing right side 45 degree behind the chair

Eye position

You’re looking up your finger’s bottom side position

You mast very low your body position like a photo.
Standing position
All most lots of hair stylist standing to try to cut hair.

This way no mater haw try to cut bottom the hair, they can’t see it,

they bend the body to see it but they can see one length cut line.

So they have to fillip the hair line to cut.

If keep doing cutting like that, hair cut will be too mach graduation, Result it’s not good one length cut
Finger position
Left finger is cutting guideline finger.
When you cutting the hair.
You use the two fingers, point finger and middle finger.
If you cut hair on the guideline, you don’t move the fingers; you bring the next section of the hair to the finger,
Now you have to open the point finger; go throw the hair to between the both fingers,
Then you close the point finger, now you have hair is place to the guideline, you can cutting hair excess hair.
Fast you make a guideline
Now you make a next step bring the hair to guideline
Check cut
After finish the hair cut and dry the hair final check hair cut began
You have to asked to your clientele to standing behind the chair 0 degree asked clientele to hold back of the chair
then moved head side way, forward ,back to starch the head. This way you can cut inside out line and the outside out line to clean up to complete one length hair cut
you asked clientele to site the chair one more time to check the outline finish the one length cut.

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