Mogi hair cutting DVD!!!

Mogi hair cutting DVD!!!

With many support and help from Taka, I have made my very first Hair cutting DVD.
I am very excited to tell you about more about it.

We also had a viewing of the DVD at the Long Beach Show to see how other stylists would response to the DVD.

I was so happy that we got a great response and
SOLD OUT on the DVD.

To popular a demand, more will be available soon!

This is the front of the DVD

This is a inside DVD with a haircut explanation textbook.

DVD is a unique exercise video.

It includes exercises on how to:

Cut long hair Ways

Correct body movements when cutting hair cut.

To do hand exercises

How to do a stroke cut!

You will also find information on how to use and where to get a great comb .

Mogi patented head stand to cut wigs!
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One thought on “Mogi hair cutting DVD!!!

  1. I have been in the business for just a couple of years and this is one of the best videos I have come across. I’ve been practicing techniques taught in the video for a couple of weeks now and I feel like I’ve really improved. Thank you Mogi for sharing your years of experience.

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