How to cut hair out line and higt light color #1 out line cut and high light color

Highlight color and haircut
when clientele like to cut hair shorter, but keep it length, first we do make a length,
outline length is very important and make clear outline .
when stylist try to make a out line, stylist keep moving to front of the cut line.
That good idea,but if you keep moving the your body position its very hard to make a straight line,
First make a guide outline line , bring the all hair to guide line t place, its automatically make a short to long round line,
if you see you tube, home haircut [how to cut hair at yourself ] doing same way to cut out line.
I just show you how to do it professional way ,but concept is same idea !

How to cut hair short back of the head and finish #4 Angel’s mom from Australia

Final haircut demonstration for Angel’s moms haircut

This time I would like to show you how to style hair using the hair dryer, She has very fine hair and likes to have lots of body. I use a root lifter spray, and dry the root as I lift the hair. Comb through, adjust the volume, and look for area’s that need to be adjusted.
Run your fingers through the final hair style to show the hair movement. She sent me a photo showing the hair movement.

Haircut part #3 Long hair & coloring how to demonstration by Mogi

The ” Inside Out” haircut is not for everyone. It works best on people who have lots of hair, very wavy hair, coarse hair and hard to move and control hair. I use this technique on only 2% of my clients. Many stylists are concerned that the hair will stick out with this method, but it won’t if you learn Mogi’ s technique and understand when, where and how to apply it. This is a great haircut and a new method to add to your skill set.