How to cut hair short hair front line #3 Angel’s mom

Haircut Training
Many hair stylists ask me [I want to be a good hair cutter, I want to learn how to, I need to know some kind secret, trick, ……]
When you want to learn anything you start from zero; you have to start working towards your own destination
Many people support your dream, but you have to achieve it yourself
When I started hair cutting, my hands were not haircut hands, they were more like very clumsy hands. In school teacher told us to do hand exercises, we did, but not seriously, kind of playing around,
I found out that trying to cut a straight haircut is very difficult, we don’t use the ruler in haircuts to make a straight line, we just feel and use hand movements only,
But when I tested their hand and finger movements and how they hold their scissors, I found they needed lots of practice!
I play golf, bowling, pool, swimming. and practice typing , The first thing they teach me, is how to use the tool, how to hold tool, then how to move the finger or my body.
I created the haircut training hand, finger exercise,and body movement.
After lots of practice I checked the hair stylists in the salon and if they were doing very good. haircuts,become a just like breathing the air!
If you purchase my DVD I will send you worksheets and start practicing. Please take photo’s of your worksheets and send them to me. It makes me very happy to see your work and I will also give you comments to you, how you’re doing.

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