How to cut hair short hair back of the head – #2

Haircut -Short haircut
When you cut a new customer in your salon
Most important thing is to listen to.
How much cut the length of your hair?
We confirmed that the words, and show the length with your fingers.
Examine the quality of customer hair and customers preferences of haircut
2) I look at the form of the head and the hair of quality

Her hair is
Hair type, pubescence, thin, and wave, there is a lots or less of the hair partially top of the head.
There is a strong widow peeks forehead.
Heads shape
Back of the head is flat, neck is large, and the top of the head is not so high,
3) Her Wish of the haircut
Not cut short “in most cases, the length of the outline hair”
I want to make a more volume
4) How to do it
I cut in consideration of the above.
If you do not shorten the length, you cannot cut off the outline,
She had the round haircut,
Make a shape with the difference between the length and amount of hair thickness
You have to Supporting the volume, widow’s peeked, occipital area to create short hair.
It has done a stroke cut or use the special shinning scissors

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