Haircut: Best Haircut tutorial in the world haircut concept #8

Haircut and body movement
Haircut tutorial,How to haircut Regarding the practice chart.
when you do haircut your body motion if very importunate for you haircut coming out.

One page of the practice chart is designed for you to practice about 8 hours per page.

If you do not practice at least this much, it will be very difficult to utilize body motion.
haircut and Body Motion
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How to cut Men’s Ripple cut #2

The Ripple Cut Story
This haircut was created in 1970. At that time all men wore their hair short. The men in LA didn’t like the curly look, they wanted the straight, soft wavy look. When I saw the wavy curly hair, I thought, how can I use this feature to make a haircut and just dry the hair so it comes out looking great?. Today, lots of men have just a short haircut. Thats not a hairstyle to me, its just a short haircut! I like to work with hair and make very nice styles. Thats why today, I brought back the Ripple Cut!!

Men’s haircut Ripple cut Haircut Movement by Mogi

How The Ripple Cut was born!

Many hairstylists, when designing a hairstyle, think that all hair is flat or a solid piece.
Actually, each hair is individual and grows from a separate place.
When I see water in a lake or in the sea and when the wind blows in the desert, it makes a ripple across the top. I always thought… how I can do the same movement on a haircut?

Always make sure to cut the hair evenly, don’t make a haircut line! That is important when learning a haircut.

One day doing a perm, I took off the perm rods and saw there was a nice separation in the hair movement. So, I thought, why not cut the hair one section at a time like the perm rod, but cut each section shorter than the other, like a step. Then I started to cut, The Ripple Cut was born!

Men’s haircut #4 back of the head

Men’s haircut #4 back of the head
back of the head, right side and left side,

How to pull hair straight back, How to make a concave men’s haircut,
check the my body motion and foot position, hand movement.
when cut hair, many hairstylist try to see the hand position, and how cut a hair.
Haircut is if you holed scissors right way,and straight line you can do, just open the scissors to cut off the hair each time.
Important point for hair cut
where stand the your body,foot position, how to move the body movement, How was hand angle,elbow position, if you do it right, after that just cut off the hair.
if you like to right way,
You need lots of motion practice,you have to Memory for the all the step.
if you practice haircut is more fun to do it.

Men’s haircut #3 left side bang (fringe) to right side cut

Men’s hair cut left side bang to right side cut
Most important for hair cut for the study or practice point

1) Hold scissor right way
test cut 1 inch wide newspaper with scissor
if you cut newspaper side way or not even , that mean you cutting the hair an even all the time

2) you have to pull out hair straight out from the scalp ,
check the hand when cut hair, hand is parallel to head or not

3) body movement and foot position
body movement are pull out, side way, pull toward you , three movement
foot position are 2 o’clock and half foot forward two kinds
if you like to practice
1) cut newspaper
if you cut 2-3 pound you see you scissors moving, keep doing until 8 pound is final practice
2) hand excise
9 parts each boxes has 1 mints finished 1/3 of the page you see the your finger is working haircut way
3) body motion each boxes 1 mins
finished least 1/3 of the page your body motion really moving
4) hair cut
do it practice page ,
any haircut
1)visualize haircut 10 times, time each time
2)verbal explain 10 times, time each time
3)foot movement 10 times, time each time
4) motion cut 10 times, time each time (don’t cut hair )
5) haircut after you do it 1 to 4 each 10 times then do it haircut with wigs check the time how long you take,
After the first time
practice same haircut 1 to 4 same way, when come to #4 don’t cut hair to fix it , do the motion only to see that same place has bad hair cut or not,after 10 times motion, then #5 to do haircut second times,

#5 Final Cut: Adjust front of hairline Inside Out Haircut Tutorial for Professional Hairstyl

When you cut long length hair to medium , each section of the hair is long and the hair is hard to control
When you try to create an up-do, you always tease the hair to make more volume, or artfully move the hair in the shape that you desire.
That why I use the Inside Out Technique.
Inside Out Haircut is the final touch of the haircut, which I called the last frontier of the haircut.
If you’d like to use straight scissors, you have to practice, movement of the scissors, hold scissors the right way, and hold the scissors firm

You need to cut at least 8 pounds (4 kilograms) newspaper before starting the stroke cut,
or you have to have special thinning scissors. Joewell Company has created one of the best.
Joewell Supreme Snt 40
This time I used Joewell Gxn-24
These scissors cut hair one by one.
There is so much hair in one square inch, if the hair is all the same length: fine hair will lie flat against the head, no volume.
Other hand, Coarse hair, strong hair, wavy hair , and thick with lots of hair too much volume and hair will not move.
Now the question is:
When and where? How much? How do I do it? and whom do I learn it from?
Yes, I can show you the concept, but I can’t teach you where, how much, or why. For that, you need experience and you need to gage what the client likes, dislikes, and then with your combined knowledge, decide on how to create the haircut.
Thats why I call it the
Inside Out Haircut as the finale.
(Final touch of the haircut. Final frontier haircut)